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Sea Girt, NJ | In-home Session | Documentary Photographer

In December, I signed up for a course through the Unraveled Academy called Unposed, The Workshop. Co Hodges teaches this workshop and it is dynamite!!! I’m so happy I took the plunge and signed up for one of the active seats where she would critique my website, social media, and an unposed session. These critiques were so helpful, but definitely a bit nerve wracking! One of the assignments was to offer an unposed session to a family or couple.

Queue Christin, Joe, and Sonny. I’ve known Christin for 13 years now. Wow, writing that made me feel really old. We teach at the same school and carpool together. I knew her family would be the perfect fit for this assignment. They are stylish, laid back, and fun. I spent about two hours in their home capturing this incredible family’s love, and some antics, for one another. Just when I thought Sonny, their son, had enough of me, mom and dad bribed him with a munchkin. Wow, the power of a donut hole! Sonny did a complete 180 and he was smiling like it was nobody’s business.

Thank you so much to Christin, Joe, Sonny, Cleo (adorable cat!), and Penny (super cute pup!) for allowing me to photograph your family’s special moments in your beautiful home.

NOTE: Be sure to check out the moment when the chocolate munchkin and Sonny’s taste buds collide!

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